Warming Kiwi Homes for 45 YEARS.

Jayline’s mission is to make affordable, clean burning and easy to use wood fires so you can keep home warm and dry and your family healthy and happy.

Everything our specialist team does is to provide the best possible experience for you, the Jayline owner:
• Designing fires with features customers tell us they want and need
• Striving to make new fireplace designs produce less emissions and use less wood
• Supporting our Jayline owners with the longest warranty on the market, an online parts store and a dedicated technical support team

Along with our trusted dealer network, the Jayline team is here to help you find your fire place and enjoy warm and cosy living for years to come.

Meet the Support Team

Ross Sneddon
Technical Services Manager

Ross is the lead engineer in wood fire design, assembly, testing, compliance and troubleshooting, Ross has been involved in New Zealand wood fire design and production for over 30 years.

Casey Taylor
Technical Services Manager

Casey has an in depth product knowledge of wood burner appliances and their installation and she has completed the NZHHA Solid Fuel Installation Course and Solid Fuel Heating Course and will be able to support you with your technical requests.

Hannah Duncan
Supply Chain Co-Ordinator

Hannah is your first point of contact for all general ordering enquiries. As our parts identification specialist for the Jayline and Fisher range, she is also able to create invoices/dispatch any additional components you may need.

Clean Air Achievement Award Recipient

Jayline received the Clean Air Society of Australia and New Zealand Clean Air Achievement award for bringing New Zealand’s first ultra-low emission wood burner to market. This was followed by the release of the record setting 79% efficient UL200 in 2018.

Research and Design

The Jayline design team are a specialist collection of creative graphic design, engineering and market research personnel who are all based in Nelson. Our team research local and international wood fireplace trends to bring Kiwis the leading product styles, features and technologies. We ensure that new wood stove designs provide heating solutions that meet the needs of typical Kiwi homes of today and tomorrow, such Clean Air fires for metro areas and rural models for those on over two hectares. Our future technology and innovation programme led to Jayline delivering New Zealand’s first ULEB (Ultra Low Emission Burner) – the award-winning Walltherm.

We understand that the Jayline customer is increasingly discerning and someone who wants a high quality, safe product that exceeds expectations and comes at a fair price. That’s why our 2017 FR Series fireplaces were designed using feedback from wood fire consumers. Jayline’s vision is to make our fires the heart of every Kiwi home and the source of many cozy moments. We guarantee quality materials that are specified to meet or exceed New Zealand standards for endurance, resilience and efficiency and our warranties reflect the trust we have in our products.

Manufacture and Construction

We partner with a purpose-built production facility that use the latest manufacturing technologies and specified high quality mild-steel to ensure precise reproduction of the Jayline’s new wood burner designs. CNC-robotics and laser tooling ensure that every fire has a uniform look, a high quality finish and a consistent performance, which gives us the confidence to back it with the industry’s best warranty – 15 years.

Further to the design input, the Jayline Technical Services Manager (who has been involved in wood fire design for over 30 years) oversees the technical product assembly and complete finish of each fireplace. This means no product goes to market without being closely scrutinised to ensure the highest quality standards.

A little known fact about Jayline is that our production facility delivers over 20,000 wood fires to Australia and New Zealand every year.

Distribution and Delivery

We recognise that at present the New Zealand wood fire market is changing dramatically with the increasing uptake of low emission regulations by local governments. The increasing affordability of Ultra Low Emission technology is encouraging more and more Kiwis to choose the environmentally conscious option. This changing market has spurred our development of new fireplace technologies and incorporation of contemporary design, resulting in more efficient appliances, with more features, plus a continued commitment to improved customer support.

The Jayline dealer network covers all of New Zealand including bigger centres like Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch and smaller locations in between. Some retailers utilize eCommerce, making supply available to all regions of the country. All distribution is centred out of Jayline’s central hub in Annesbrook, Nelson, which allows a quick delivery of stock to both the upper North and lower South Island.

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