Ultra Low Emission Burner
$3999 Including Flue Kit

The UL200 is chosen by Jayline customers for its record setting ultra-efficiency and because its European-inspired design and full flame view make it a true feature in today’s Kiwi homes. At 79% efficient, it’s the fireplace for the eco conscious wood fire owner, meeting all NZ clean air standards including the strict CM1 emissions tests. Fully automated and easy to use, the UL200 requires no electricity to run, produces steady heat output and produces very little ash, making it easy to operate and maintain.

Can be installed in Rotorua, Nelson City, Canterbury and Timaru.

Minimum clearance requirements to combustible with Jayline MKIII flue kit and 790mm double skin flue shield.

Dimension ‘C’ is taken from the firebox door seal lip to the front of the non-insulated floor protector.